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Take lessons to the next level

Is it time to fulfill your dream of owning a horse but not sure if you are ready? Let us assist you with picking the correct mount. Once you find the perfect mount we will help you create a perfect bond with the new member in your family. We are a teaching facility and enjoy helping our clients every step of the way to making your equine dreams come true.
Golden Nugget Ranch, LLC
Performance & Pleasure Horses

Stall with Run

Our facility offers matted stalls and bedding with attached outdoor runs. Board includes individualized turnout program in our paddocks, pasture or ground work. We are only 10 minutes from downtown Selah, just off of North Wenas Rd. Quality hay, salt and sawdust are provided. Grain and supplements are fed if owner provides. Pens and water buckets are cleaned out daily. Blanketing and heated water as needed. Caregivers live at facility, have an Equine Riding & Training degree and are very watchful of your equines needs. $375.00/month

Pasture Board

Pasture board is available for clients that have multiple horses. Hay is included and amount fed is assessed based on grazing season. Free choice salt is also provided. Horses can be taken off pasture and kept in a dry lot when needed. $225.00/month

Run-In Shelter & Paddock

Our run-in shelter is available for a client with two horses. Board includes individualized turnout program based on your horses needs. Quality hay and free choice salt is provided. $550.00/month